About us

Richard Lawrence, founder and principal trainer of PowerTalk Brazil, is a senior international executive with many years of experience in public speaking, negotiating and presenting in the corporate world.

Richard has lived in Brazil since 2001. He was born in London and has also lived in Paris. He is a native English speaker and is a linguist, speaking 4 languages fluently, including Portuguese.

With more than 30 years of international professional experience, more recently at C-level, spanning industries as diverse as food, raw materials and metals, Richard has occupied various positions in Senior Management and fully understands the importance of getting the message across precisely, clearly and with impact on the world stage.

His passion for public speaking comes from his love of acting and the realization that confidence is at the heart of everything we do.

Energy, charisma, empathy are key values both for Richard and for PowerTalk Brazil, a company founded to help Brazilians gain confidence and make an impact on the world stage.

Richard is a Board Member of several organizations and has an MBA from Essec Business School in France.

To learn more about Richard, please access his LinkedIn page at the following address: