Whether you are an experienced professional applying for a senior position or just starting out on your career, being called to an interview in English is a challenge.

PowerTalk Brazil trains your interview skills.

That perfect job is almost within your grasp. That company you have always wanted to work for wants to meet you. That Board appointment you need. Or that college application you need to finalize.

But you have to get through your interview in English. You have to impress the interviewer, speak clearly and communicate well.

 PowerTalk Brazil trains interview techniques.

How to deal with nerves. 

How to perfect your body language and mirror the interviewer. 

How to structure your communication and persuade in English.

How to deal with those uncomfortable and difficult questions. 

We look at the power of your message and analyze whether the person listening to you has really understood what you say.

Training courses are given exclusively in English and target those professionals who already have an advanced to fluent level of the language.

 We do not teach English. We teach you the techniques to get through your interview with confidence.

Training formats

Individual Training

Individual training is exclusive, 100% confidential and can be arranged either via Skype/Hangout video interviews and physical interviews throughout Brazil.

Methodology: a typical training format is for 4 sessions of 90 minutes each session:

Aligning the individual’s objectives.

    Thorough review of the client’s CV in English

    Coherence with the LinkedIn profile

    Understanding the career objective

    Reviewing potential companies and positions

    Clarification of psychological profile

Interview simulation based on competency 

Interview simulation based on motivation & emotion

Interview simulation based on open interview techniques

Usually one of the interview sessions is via Skype/Hangout and the other sessions are physical interviews. The client will be filmed, and individual feedback will be given on non-verbal communication, gestures, body language and power posing.

Total flexibility is given to change the format or duration of the sessions.

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Small Group Training

Methodology: small group training is organized for a maximum of 8 people per group. Training format is a one-day workshop and participants come together to understand the theory behind good interview techniques.

Selected participants will be requested to take an online English test before the workshop to check that their level of English is sufficiently advanced to benefit fully from the course.

Participants will work in pairs on exercises and simulated interviews in order to practice how to respond to specific interview questions and avoid common traps. All participants will be filmed.

Small group training is not exclusive, and clients will not be prepared for a specific interview, however, they will benefit from learning some of the techniques needed to improve their skills to be interviewed in English.

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