Public speaking is ranked as the number 1 fear.

You are an experienced professional, your reputation and the credibility of the organization you represent is crucial.

Because communication is reputation.

An international conference, a financial pitch, a roadshow, an important Board room presentation.

Targeting senior decision makers and ambitious professionals, PowerTalk Brazil will train you to be fully confident and ensure that your message is delivered in the clearest and most powerful way.

Training courses, given in English, target those professionals who already have advanced to fluent levels of English language skills. An English language test may be offered for certain clients.

Whether you want to improve your general Public Speaking & Presentation skills, or have a specific Presentation you need to deliver,

PowerTalk Brazil will help you with:


How to deal with nerves

Body language


Eye contact

Using your voice

Recognizing your audience

Cultural Context

“O Brasileiro fora do pais”

Non-native English

Cultural diversity

Values and behaviour

Communication style

How to deal with questions



The art of storytelling

Visual/Oral balance

Presentation style

Designing and Data visualization

The take home message


English corrections

Filming your delivery

Structure and design

Revising the message

Practice, practice, practice

The final version

Training formats

Individual Training Courses

Individual and exclusive training for senior professionals who are trained privately.

100% focus and confidentiality. Flexible hours and totally adapted to individual needs.

This training course is for professionals who are already used to speaking in public at important events.

Board room presentations, key note conference addresses, companies moving to IPO, financial pitches, top medical congresses, senior legal roadshows … the list is endless.

When you’re a leader, you must look and sound like a leader in every speech you give. There’s too much riding on your performance — your prestige, your ability to command people’s attention and support, the success of your project or your organization — to settle for being average.

Even though you have reached the pinnacle of your professional career, or perhaps you are ambitious and want to get there, PowerTalk Brazil will give you that extra boost of confidence to perfect your communication and presentation skills in English.

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Corporate Training Courses

Corporate in-company training programmes for groups of up to 10 people.

Tailored-made training programmes are offered for each company combining group and individual sessions for each participant. 

Methodology: a typical training course starts with a 2 -hour group theory session followed by one or two 90- minute individual sessions for each participant that take place over the course of several days. Participants are asked to prepare a presentation and then come back together in a final group session where each person presents in front of colleagues and receives individual feedback.

This training course can be planned in separate parts and a planning session, establishing clear objectives and structure is always held with the Training or HR department prior to the course.

Whether the objective is an international conference, a sales meeting, a roadshow or improving the public speaking and presentation skills of your teams, PowerTalk Brazil offers adaptable and tailor-made training courses and workshops for your organization.

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Public Courses

Whether you are looking to improve your skills as a public speaker or need to prepare for a specific event, our Public Courses will help you to improve your level of confidence and feel more prepared to speak and present.

Open public courses are aimed for those professional people who already speak advanced to fluent English and want to invest in developing and improving their public speaking and presentation skills. Most participants are highly motivated, ambitious, and recognize the need to go one step further in improving their communication skills. To enhance their own reputation, to boost their confidence.

Courses are divided into three separate levels:

Foundation courses

  • Theory of public speaking & presentation skills
  • Delivery, Content & Cultural context
  • Practical exercises in groups
  • Constructive feedback for each individual
  • One full day (8 hours training)
  • Max. 20 participants

Intermediate courses

  • Building on the foundation course
  • How to identify body language, structure and communicate with ease.
  • Real live presentations
  • Filming and constructive feedback for each individual
  • 4 sessions that take place over two weeks (12 hours training)
  • Max. 10 participants

Master courses

  • To become a first-class professional public speaker
  • Practice intensive real-life presentations
  • Individual filming & constructive feedback
  • Focus on Q/A sessions and neutralizing unwanted questions
  • 2 full day sessions (16 hours training)
  • Max. 6 participants

All of these courses are given exclusively in English. Participants must come equipped with a laptop computer with PowerPoint (Windows 365) or Prezi installed.